Any wayfire users? mouse config question

I realize this is a bit OT, but thought there might be knowlegeable folk here since it’s one of two recommended desktops…

I’m trying to puzzle out wayfire mouse configuration. (I can hear someone laughing somewhere…) Short of reading source files, how the fuh does it work? I’ve got a bluetooth mouse working but accelleration is super touchy, fiddling values seems to do nothing and the mystery parms are:

mouse_accel_profile = adaptive
# mouse_cursor_speed = 10.00000
mouse_cursor_speed = 0.200000
# mouse_scroll_speed = 1.000000
mouse_scroll_speed = 1.000000

I’ve searched high low and middle for any clues and find nothing. As in I get three or four search results showing default values! lol.

Has anyone done this? I’m using an Apple Magic Mouse because I have one.

The input system that is used is libinput, it has a page about this (I haven’t fully read it yet though): Pointer acceleration — libinput 1.25.0 documentation

At least the acceleration profiles are explained there. Furthermore, wayfire docs/Wiki (under Configuration · WayfireWM/wayfire Wiki · GitHub) says:

input.mouse_cursor_speed: Changes the pointer acceleration. The value must be between -1.0 and 1.00. The default is 0.0.

input.mouse_scroll_speed: Changes the mouse scroll factor. Scroll speed will be scaled by the given value, which must be non-negative. The default is 1.0

If these don’t do anything, maybe you can paste your whole wayfire config?

Silly me. The wayfire config works, but for the built-in (trackball in my case). I’ve got a bluetooth mouse to configure. So it needs separate controls, and settings would be associated with the device, which implies to me they’d be system config.

Wayfire doesn’t seem to have a bluetooth control panel type application, in fact ‘wayfire’ and ‘bluetooth’ search results seem to be disjoint sets.

gnome has such a thing, I’ll explore that for a bit.