Bluetooth MNT ZMK keyboard remix

I’ve dabbled in designing custom keyboard pcbs and have some experience with that under my belt. I wanted to do a simple MCU swap redesign to make the mount keyboard a bluetooth keyboard running the ZMK firmware. I’ve found ZMK is very simple to get up and running so this should be simple to get done.

My biggest holdup is the WLED driver, I’ve been looking up options that could run off a single cell battery but that leave questions on battery life and size needed. Currently my designs use a tiny 100mah lipo which i don’t think would be great for the driver. Another consideration is what kind of battery can fit in the standalone case.

A compromise idea i had was to just run the WLED rail off of the 5v input, making backlighting only available with a usb source.

otherwise i was looking at this wled driver as an option:
but battery life and size is still kinda up in the air. (this one also needs an i2c driver which is doable but I don’t have experience writing drivers so wouldn’t be as easy a project for me)

I may just run with the first one as a proof of concept, and my gut says backlighting should be available at all times, but i figured i would post here just to gather opinions and feedback and ideas!