Custom case parts

Looking through the archives here brings to mind so many possibilities beyond just fixing this device should the need arise.

Thanks to this forum, I’ve learned about companies like Ponoko and

That said, many of the case part files in the repository are Kicad files and those services need .step files or another format. Are there ways to convert the Kicad files? Are there plans to release files in another format?

So many exciting possibilities with the device!

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For the PCB based panels you can load the kicad_pcb file directly into KiCAD’s pcb editor, then File->Export->STEP… You’ll probably want to check the exported file before just shipping it off though, to make sure it’s given what you want. They’re made in KiCAD like that so they can be manufactured by a PCB manufacturer using the gerber outputs, but if you want to get them made out of a different material like acrylic this likely should work

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Thank you! I’ll give that a try.