How to configure MNT Reform USB Keyboard?

I’m using the MNT Reform USB Keyboard (standalone) with a Lenovo notebook computer using X11 (no wayland yet).

Now I like to configure it in this way:

Fourth row:

current: Control_L ...
goal:    Super_L   ...

Last row:

current: Super_R Super_L   Control_R space Alt_L Alt_R space Prior     Next   ...
goal:    Ctrl_L  Multi_key Alt_L     space Prior Next  space Multi_key Ctrl_R ...

My knowledge of setxkbmap is very limited and I’m not sure, how to reach my goal. Any ideas?

Thank you!

Hello! Are you aware of the web-based firmware builder specifically for the USB keyboard?

You can quickly remap keys using this interface, then download the .elf file to flash using dfu-programmer. You’ll need to be sure the switch at SW84 is set to the on position, and click the button at SW83 to enter flashing mode. This is the best way to do it since the changes will stick no matter where you use the keyboard. Hope this helps!

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Thank you! I wasn’t aware of the page (or forgot about it), but that’s wonderful!

I somehow hoped, that it were possible to just reconfigure keys with a simple shell command, but flashing the firmware might be the better solution anyway. I don’t need any special hardware for flashing, right? sudo apt install dfu-programmer is all I need?

That’s correct, no special hardware required…all you need is to install dfu-programmer. The keyboard appears as a flashable device to dfu-programmer once you’ve hit the little button. Try it and let us know how it goes!

Worked like a charm. Thanks again. Now I only need three blank key caps (1U, 1U, and 1.5U) to replace the wrong keys. Or, alternatively, two 1U which say “COMPOSE” and one 1.5U which says “ALT” :slight_smile:

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Hello, I was trying to do the same thing but cannot get it to work …

When I type the command dfu-programmer atmega32u4 erase --suppress-bootloader-mem I get an usage prompt, suggesting this command is not valid. I checked the documentation and it seems that --suppress-bootloader-mem isn’t a valid option fot the erase command …

So I tried the command without options, and got dfu-programmer: no device present in return.

I don’t really know where to go from there, so if anyone was able to solve a similar issue, I would gladly accept any advice !

Thanks !

IIRC, it worked with sudo for me.

If that does not work for you, get the device number with lsusb and pass it after the target, separated with a colon.

Good luck!

Yeah, I did it with sudo so it wasn’t the problem here …
I’ll do some digging and try other USB ports and see where it goes
Thanks !

Have you put the keyboard into program mode? Or reset it?

Hello, sorry if I didn’t respond for a while, I moved and didn’t use the keyboard for a while so I kinda forgot about this …
I had some time to set it up again recently, and after updating everything, and trying again, I could successfully flash the software !? I don’t really know what changed but at least it’s working now !
Thanks for your help anyways !

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