ICYMI: Reform Keyboard preorders now open

Hi all,
Just wanted to make sure everyone saw the awesome standalone MNT Reform USB Keyboard…it should start shipping during the summer and preorders are now open. It comes in seven finishes, six of which are anodized aluminum and the last in a late-90’s chic translucent polycarb.

For all us DIY kit people, orders are also open for the printed Reform Operator Handbook.

There was also a limited edition run of silver Piñatex Reform sleeves that have already sold out…I got one! Who else is in the silver club? :sunglasses:


Very cool! I’m glad to see another product derived from the work done for the MNT Reform, especially one that perhaps appeals to a different segment of users. The more people with their hands on this stuff, the broader the community, and by association the better we’re all off as users.

Although with that said, it would be nice to see the Reform in a desktop package. Something like the motherboard broken out into its own (equally lovely) anodised aluminum case. Maybe when mine turns up I’ll see about applying my meagre skills to mocking something up on the 3D printer that I can hand over to a CNC friend.


I noticed that standalone keyboards are slightly delayed (July/August).

How about the planned Piñatex sleeves for them? Will they available for pre-orders, too?

Yes. We just finished a design fix on the keyboard today, we’ll do some testing and then it goes into production. I expect sleeves to pop up in around 2 weeks.

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That’s are very good news!

Another update! The second batch of keyboard preorders is now open, and you have the option of ordering the keyboard without a case, ordering a board with Kailh Choc Brown or White (clicky) switches, and even an unpopulated PCB. Lukas is also asking for new color suggestions as well, so if you have any, please let him know!

Orders placed in this batch are expected to ship in March.

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