Internal clearance for M.2 slots

I’m interested in understanding better the internal clearances and available space, particularly for the M.2 slots.

Specifically, is there any chance at all that I’d be able to install a LimeSDR XTRX (LimeSDR XTRX | Crowd Supply) mounted in an M.2 adapter (like NM61A mPCIe to M.2 B M key Adapter)? If that would fit, would there even be space inside the case for routing antenna cabling and adding bulkhead adapters to export the antenna connections?

I know it’s a small form factor laptop, so my chances are low, but it would be great if I could use my Pocket Reform as an integrated SDR development system.


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It might be a bit tight. That said if it doesn’t fit, you could always design a new back panel that makes a bit of extra room. The only thing to keep in mind that the display back panel also is the heat sink for the SoM so it would need to still have a copper or metal surface that would let heat dissipate.

Having taken the prototype apart, I think cable routing is less of an issue than you think, and you won’t have too hard a time adding antennas. The motherboard is actually incredibly compact, as you can see in this photo on the Crowd Supply page: