MNT ZZ9000 Firmware 1.9 Released

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to announce that after roughly 9 months, a brand new firmware (actually 11 variants) and driver package is here:

Release Notes

  • zzusb.device now in ZZ9000 ROM (Remove Devs:ZZ9000USBStorage.device!)
  • Automatic discovery and boot from USB stick partitions (currently OFS/FFS only)
  • “Turbo” method of setting up drawing registers now the default (helps with CyberStorm MK1, for example)
  • 2 different palettes supported for 8-bit P96 split screen (requires P96 3.1.4+)
  • Support for new Multi Monitor feature of P96 by setting DISPLAYCHAIN ToolType of ZZ9000 to NO (requires P96 3.1.2+)
  • Horizontal Panning support in RTG modes
  • Ethernet negotiation doesn’t block boot anymore
  • Native Capture: Fix rare Column Swap Bug
  • Native Capture: Optional “Non Standard Sync” modes that are closer to the original refresh rate, enabled by setting ENV:ZZ9000-NS-VSYNC. Needs a tolerant display
  • Native Capture: Moved all switching (incl. NTSC/PAL) code to vblank interrupt, fixing some RTG/native switching bugs
  • INT6/INT2 Interrupts reworked in ZZ9000Net.device to support interrupt sharing with other cards and ZZ9000AX.
  • New Screen Modes:
    • 2560x1440@30Hz
    • 1600x1200
    • 720x480
  • Fixes compatibility with some displays vs 1.8

Known Problems:

  • 256 MB AutoConfig Memory enabled only after first reset
  • Autoboot and AutoConfig Memory features can lead to problems with some special Amiga setups. Use alternative firmware versions to disable these. With Autoboot disabled, you can use zzusb.device from Extras drawer in the installer archive.


  • Requires new RTG driver version 1.9. Please download and install ZZ9000Installer1_9.lha from the list above on your Amiga.

Thanks to Bnu for contributions!

Thank you so much! I’m gonna check USB funtionality.

Here are the new USB storage instructions: Zz9000 and USB mount - #10 by mntmn