New keyboard system won't power on

OLED only shows Exit Menu and Escape, backlight and system status and nothing else, O + zero reboots keyboard, O+1 only shows the menu.
O+ zero + 1 does nothing. Escape turns off lcd. Its like this new keyboard doesn’t work and I have to put the old keyboard back in to power it up again. Very frustrating.

If it was intended to be a standalone USB keyboard, you’ll likely need to flash a new firmware and slightly modify the hardware before it will work inside MNT Reform.

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Okay this is lame. I can’t turn on the machine to be able to flash it. I would have to put the old keyboard back in just to turn it on.

Okay I got it figured out.

So I had to install the old keyboard again so I can boot it up. Git clone the repo, apt-get packages, compile with make, then prepare for flash.
I plugged in external keyboard. Then I pulled out the old keyboard while its on. I did this carefully and tapped the edges to make sure I didn’t short.
Then plugged in the new internal keyboard. Flipped the dip switch and pressed the button. then I ran ./ and boom. New firmware on the keyboard with different menu’s.

Then I carefully put it all back together slowly pausing to power on and verify it still works and it works nicely.