New SolidRun SOM

There is a new SOM by SolidRun that looks like it’s a good base for a new MNT SOM as well. Any opinions on that?

Doesn’t look to have an integrated GPU, which is the downside of many of the higher end NXP offerings. Though it does mention they’re looking at making a dev board with vga output, wonder what chip they’ll be using for that.

Clearly designed as a network processor with the SFP28/SFP+ connections, though wonder if those could possibly coopted into a high speed bus to a FPGA with a video core in it? Also seems to have 8 PCIe lanes which could be nice if a 4x 3.0 could somehow be routed to the nvme slot, rather than the current 1x 2.0

Yeah, this paragraph sums it up well. Interesting specs, but not playing in the right space.

Just as a comparison in terms of CPU performance, 16 Cortex-A72 cores @ 2.0 GHz and 32GB DDR4, is roughly the equivalent of four overclocked Raspberry Pi CM4 modules (50x44mm) with 8GB RAM, but done in a way that takes less than a third of the area. The comparison stops here, as the two modules target completely different markets with the SolidRun module designed for 5G base stations, high-performance CPEs, storage controller, network security, and data routing.

I think this is hard to compare to Pi, as Layerscape has a very different high performance interconnect and coherent cache system and high performance SERDES system, can address much more memory and PCIe bar space, has cryptography extensions and so on.

LX2162A is very very interesting for us, even with a 2D “GPU” it could still be a productive system for many CPU-intensive tasks, and llvmpipe for 3D is not totally unreasonable with this amount of A72 cores.

The real question is, will we be able to power and cool it.


My question is, how much watts does it use?

Considering you made that statement, you probably could figure it out better than me, I am sure.

Or you already know, not sure which…

but yeah, how much would it cost for you to make that an option?

I am genuinely curious although I still am interested in the Starfive dual core or quad module way more, to be honest.

But I need to learn patience either way…

That being said,

I bet you and your team could figure out, how to make it usable to most of its capacity… at least for the original reform.

I somehow am not sure this would work for the mini version…

If you have doubts in even the regular reform, that’s what I base this thought on…

So, there’s that.