OLED menu problem

Hi, whenever I shutdown and reboot the pocket a few times without sliding the on/off switch, upon reboot the primary oled menu turns into a white rectangle covering the top quarter of oled (instead of the menu). Pressing b brings the normal battery menu - then hyper+enter leads to the rectangle. Shutting down, flipping switch off/on, rebooting and its back to normal.
Anybody else with this?

This sounds very unusual, or you caught an interesting bug. Could you maybe post a video?

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Just adding that I have not experienced this. I have seen behavior like that in the past with OLEDs like this when the connection is not 100%. You could try re-seating the connectors to the OLED board.


thx, posting here seems to have convinced my oled to behave itself - i will update should it occor again :slight_smile:

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