OSes usable on reform

Has anyone tried to run Raspberry pi OS Debian version: 11 (Bullseye)?

are there any issues with setting up alpine on the reform?

i ran alpine for a while. someone helped me with fairly complicated instructions to manually install it on the nvme. i still booted from the original sdcard/kernel that shipped with the system, but modified a couple of files on it to point to the nvme and unlock the encrypted alpine file system. anyway, it worked. sorry i can’t be more specific, but it was all magic to me. once 9front was up and running i never looked back.

will have to give it a try sometime

Sorry for resurrecting this old thread, but I had a question for all the 9front-Plan 9 users here:

How do you cope with Plan 9’s mouse-heavy UI on a laptop (a mobile device) like the Reform? Do you connect a mouse? Do you carry a mouse when out and about? Has the trackball or the trackpad been an acceptable replacement for mice?

The trackball is better than most available mice these days because it has dedicated buttons instead of two buttons and a half-assed clickable wheel thing.

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What @khm said. Reform’s trackball is an absolute godsend for Plan 9 users in these times. Chording had never been easier on a laptop. Older thinkpads were nice too but I personally grown to like trackball more, partially because I find it easier to operate with long nails.


the trackball is great for plan 9, especially with the extra buttons emulating a scrollwheel. i also carry an ibm scrollpoint optical usb mouse for precision work where muscle memory dictates.