Post apt upgrade errors / tips

I’ve been working through some stuff through the graciousness of Lukas, but I wanted to post this here for easier sharing on the IRC channel.

I was speculating that Chromium extensions were causing the crash but after the recent crash I’m just not sure about that.

If you do apt upgrade you better switch to mainline mesa and libs - remove /usr/local from the /etc/[.d/*]

just remove all instances of it?

Can I ask if you are using mainline? I might be exposing my ignorance here, but what is advised? Stay on MNT specific or go mainline?

On IRC Flowy suggested that my issue was because of xdg-desktop-portal. So I removed it, but still had the crash.

It seems to be related to Chromium now though. I switched to Vivaldi and I have not crashed yet, where I normally would have crashed an hour ago.

I can only tell that apt upgrade was the first thing I did after receiving laptop. And I never managed to use patched libraries in /usr/local/lib. Only after I removed references to /usr/local sway started working. Now I’m on archlinux, I don’t have a single out-of-tree package on my laptop.

[root@mnr ~]# ls -la /usr/local/lib/
insgesamt 8
drwxr-xr-x  2 root root 4096 11. Nov 23:09 .
drwxr-xr-x 11 root root 4096 31. Dez 00:30 ..
[root@mnr ~]# ldconfig -p | grep -v /usr/lib
1673 Bibliotheken im Cache »/etc/« gefunden
[root@mnr ~]# 

I think patched libs were for some specific corner cases like culing in minetest and some ghosting in gtk. Yes, on mineline minetest looks odd (you see both POV HUD and through your actual geometry (no culliing) but… It’s not critical for me. Minetest I mean. Cura works, prusa-slicer works, openscad works. I don’t use much other 3d thingies.

Deutsch, interresant. :slight_smile:

Ok, so I went and looked through and then all of the conf files in the d directory. I commented out usr/local in everyting except for libc.conf, because there is no additional reference for where it is. Same thing in

Or is that not important and I can really remove every instance of usr/local?

@mntmn or has the new repo taken these things into consideration, and we can leave usr/local in these files?

So this is how I had it on original debian before I switched to Arch:

[root@mnr ~]# mount /dev/mmcblk1p1 /mnt/sd/
[root@mnr ~]# cd /mnt/sd/etc/
[root@mnr etc]# cat

include /etc/*.conf
[root@mnr etc]# find -name '*.conf' -print -exec cat \{} \;
# Multiarch support
# libc default configuration
[root@mnr etc]# 

As you see I left /usr/local but as lowest prio, so any mainline lib should override it.

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Thanks ruff! I went ahead and mirrored your modifications. Doesn’t seem to have prevented the crashing though. BUT, I have isolated it to Chromium. If Chromium is open, sway will crash.

So I switched to Vivaldi and poof, rock solid stable again. Curious though. Vivaldi is basically Chromium with some extra bells and whistles, so I’m good.

Did you rebuild the cache after changing the files by running ldconfig btw?

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I don’t know what you mean. Sorry.

Do I simply type ldconfig?

Edit: yep sudo ldconfig.

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Just by way of a continued education here, after running ldconfig is a restart required, or will the linker just automatically start using the new cache the next time a dynamic library is needed?

No system restart needed, only [respective] app restart. This is equal to restarting app with LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to the specified dirs (it just changes system default library path)

Just for the community here, if you update, Chromium will end up crashing sway. You can however use Vivaldi. If you turn off animations and disable gestures the performance is the same as what you would see from Chromium. Vivaldi appears to have much better memory management as well.

Chromium 97 works fine for me.

I should probably be a bit more specific as I would prefer using just Chromium (well I really would rather use Brave, but I digress). Chromium seems to run fine, but either extensions are buggy or specifically tab-suspending extensions are buggy.

Everytime I interact with it, Sway crashes.