Power leds way too bright

Has anyone tried replacing R33 and R164 with bigger impedance to reduce light pollution from D11-12? :slight_smile: When I take the laptop to the bed (which a common way to prepare for sleeping for me) its back is shining like a lighthouse, outshining even ambient light/tv. The D22 is similarly bright but it is at least partially covered by the mpcie card, perhaps needs toning down as well.
The red charging leds are not emitting that much (or maybe red color is not that much polluting). I mainly wonder which impedance to put instead of 1k to make them still visible while not shining like a star.

Would you consider putting a tinted film over the acrylic? That could work! No soldering required.

Nah, sorry, not an option. Can’t lose the beauty of self-assembled circuitry (even though acknowledging the fact most of it was assembled by Lukas).

upd: just figured wifi led could be shut off by echo 0 > /sys/class/leds/phy0-led/brightness so only those two power rails leds are the target.


In case anyone is interested - 10k, visible but no pollution. About the same brightness as red charging leds (5v is the same 3v3 is slightly less)

do you see any kind of battery improvements with this?

Also have there being any negative repercussions from turning off the Wifi LED?

Nah these small leds are not that power hungry. There will be some decrease in consumption of course but within statistical error. Nominal power is 33mW, with 10k it will be ~10mW, two leds would yield 40mW of freed power.
No side effect from turning wifi led off, I have it as part of startup sequence (brightnessctl)