Qcacld2 with custom Kernel on mnt reform

I am currently running the i.mx8mplus in my mnt reform. It works just fine using the stock image.

However, I am struggling to get the out-of-tree WLAN driver to work on my custom kernel. I was hoping, that maybe someone here was better than me at debugging this sort of issue and could give me some pointers…

I am running 6.9.8. You can find the configuration here. I am using this ebuild to build the kernel.

The Wifi driver I build directly on the device itself. Here is what I am doing exactly:

git clone https://source.mnt.re/reform/qcacld2.git
cd qcacld2/
insmod qcacld2.ko

I also have the firmware files contained in the repository installed in /lib/firmware and also /lib/firmware/qcacld2/ just for good measure.

When loading the driver, here is what dmesg does: qcacld2 on custom kernel errors on load ($7) · Snippets · Niklaus Hofer / Mnt Reform Gentoo Overlay · GitLab