Redshift et al on Wayland

I’ve been trying to get a color temperature application like Redshift to work in Sway.

So far I’ve tried:

  • wl-gammactl
❯ wl-gammactl 
failed to set gamma table
  • gammastep
❯ gammastep -l 50.5:8.6
Error: os_create_anonymous_file: Invalid argument
Error: Temperature adjustment failed.
  • wlsunset
❯ wlsunset -l 39.9 -L 116.3
registry: adding output 41
gamma control of output 41 failed
calculated sun trajectory: dawn 22:46, sunrise 23:34, sunset 13:07, dusk 13:54
setting temperature on output '41' to 4000 K

Has anybody had any success with these or another similar program?


In my noodling about with KISS I remembered something (they recommend a setup not dissimilar to MNT) Would WLsunset work for you?

I don’t see it in the APT repo, you might have to build it.

I suspect the issue here is that the video drivers don’t support modifying gamma. That was a problem with the Raspberry Pi for a while. I’m not sure what it would take to support it either. At least the drivers are open, so there’s a chance it could be added if that is indeed the issue.

I tried wlsunset, the output of that is in my initial post. Unless I made a mistake while building it, it does not seem to work.

These seem to be related:

Shit I’m sorry, I totally missed that. Hopefully someone can work out what it is. Your bug reports you found might well be onto something.