Reproducing a display lockup

I’ve hit what I think is a bug here but I’m wondering if somebody can reproduce it.

My usual setup is boot only to a console, and I run Sway later if I’m inclined. Sometimes I find myself running Sway on console 2 - ctrl-alt-f2, log in, run sway - and just using terminal 1 for ssh or whatever. However, I frequently find that if I toggle back and forth between c-a-F1 and c-a-F2 a few times, or back and forth fast enough, I can wedge… something, the keyboard won’t respond and the screen stays blank. Whatever this is, it’s not showing up in logs that I can see.

I’m going to try setting up an SSH server and getting in that way, to see if there’s some other way I can diagnose or fix this, but: has anyone else seen this, and can you reproduce it?

Maybe this is the same problem that sometimes prevents the display from coming on after wake from suspend. Do you see anything in dmesg via SSH when this happens? Perhaps an error about DP PLL locking failure?