Screen mode and boot up

When I boot up the ZZ9000 puts me in a native mode screen I’m guessing so when the ZZ9000 screen mode pops up the icons have all been moved. I know it must be something in my startup-sequence. Any thoughts?

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Hi…what Amiga…? and spec…?

I guess I was short on details. I must have thought people could read my mind! lol. The ZZ9000 is in a 4000D. It has a Blizzard 060 board and Amiga OS I pulled all the other cards out that the ZZ9000 replaced and commented their assignments in the startup-sequence and User-Startup. I’m using Picasso96 latest version from Individual Computers and I did a clean install. I replaced my Picasso IV with the ZZ so I did make sure the only monitor file in monitors is the one specified in the installation instructions. It boots up and looks wonderful. It’s just the icons never stay put. It’s like when you change your Workbench to a native mode and back. The icons don’t know what to do. I can post my startup-sequence if needed.