Shotwell (image manager) solid lockup every use

I realize this is unlikely to be a Reform issue but thought I’d ask here if anyone else has experienced this and if so a workaround or suggestion.

shotwell works seemingly OK until I have it import a folder of images (800Mb, 16k files) sometime during which the entire machine locks up solid with a black (or white, or gray) screen, every pixel alike.

Nothing in the logs I can detect. Circle-0 then -1 to reboot and recover (and cleanup of disks). Makes testing difficult.

I’ve got the im8mq old processor, and a large swap file.

I found the shotwell discourse site and will ask there but thought maybe others with the same hardware/OS situation might see this also.

I need shotwell’s tagging and light editing. Mirage works pretty great otherwise.

EDIT: Ha! gThumb, which I’ve also been using for a few weeks, just did the same lockup – solid black screen, sound stops… Now Firefox, Mirage, … and Kicad (I’ve sent out two boards with it on Reform) all no problemo.

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Interesting results after installing the A311D processor board…

When I watched free mem and swap via swap -h, with the i.mx8mq it often had low memory and a couple GB of swap, and notoriously larded-up web pages (google cloud storage management; a lot of dynamic stuff, not ads) were 60 second+ render times.

With the A311D, mem and swap use are much lower – I suspect because the cpu is actually draining buffers and queues, and it’s not piling up in memory and swap. And it’s obviously much faster.

So it was I/O quick and CPU slow, it seems.

Specifically shotwell (which I’ve since ditched): lol, it still dies, but now “core dumps” (I mentioned this in another thread) cleanly, as opposed to acting like out of memory and croaking with filesystems corrupted. It was not “out of memory”, assuming swap was sufficient for all memory needs.

On the A311D, shotwell would croak, but on re-start would pick up where it left off and completed. I didn’t dare try that on the i.mx8mq due to the fsck’ing at reboot.