Sparkle effect on Denise adapter output

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  • Amiga model: A500+
  • 680x0 CPU:68030
  • RAM Configuration:64mb
  • Kickstart, AmigaOS Versions:Kickstart 3.1.4 OS3.1.4.1
  • ZZ9000 Firmware version: 1.8
  • ZZ9000 Driver version:1.8
  • Monitor model: [Acer K222HQLBID 21.5 Inch FHD 60Hz LCD
  • Other Zorro cards:none

Hi, what is the actual problem? Can you add a photo?

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its hard to see in a picture…ive tried to capture it via my mobile phone…but its not east to see…1.9seconds into this video…

Hi, I see what you mean. It seems to appear when your harddisk or other storage is active? I think it is electromagnetic interference from your storage hardware. What do you use? A harddisk or some kind of SD card adapter?

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yes…there is a lot of upgrades…I was using a TF536 with updated firmware…still the same effect…I`m now using a Relocated PiStorm…both of these use a SD card…maybe its the cable from the Denice Adapter thats long(A2000…?)

Guess there is no fix for this as it`s been 9 days since the first post…?

looks like i will have to use a Duel monitor setup and a RGBtoHDMI adapter.

I have not tried the Denise adapter in A2000. The system is designed to use the videoslot adapter in A2000. Does that behave differently? Also, what if you remove all but the bare minimum of upgrades? It is hard for me to diagnose problems like this remotely, because everybody’s setup is unique. You will have to do some research and testing yourself. Some people had success with a ferrite clamps for the flat cable, but I’m not sure if they would help in your case. If you’re interested, i can post the product name/model numbers.

I dont know as i dont own a A2000…the sparkle effect is the same with…the 68000 cpu…TF536…Pistorm

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Ah, I’m very sorry, I misunderstood the Amiga model you have. Do you have another A500 to compare maybe?

Im Afraid not…my other Rev 5 amiga is dead.

Hmm, but maybe its Denise chip is still OK? You could swap that in to compare.

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Tried both Denice chips in my A500+ but i get the same sparkle effect.

both the above chips work flawlessly in my RGBtoHDMI :smile:


here are some options that come to mind:

  • A. You can try another firmware version (i.e. 1.7 vs 1.8)
  • B. You can return the ZZ9000 for a refund, as long as it is in mint condition
  • C. You can try to add ferrite clips to the scandoubler cable (one clip pair at each end)
  • D. You can order the A500 denise adapter cable, which is 15cm shorter (40cm): ZZ9000 Amiga 500 Scandoubler Cable - MNT Research Shop

If you want to try C, you need to buy 2x Fair-Rite Flat Cable EMI
Suppression Cores (Part No. 2643168251) and two clips to hold them
together, Part No. 0199016051. You can get them at mouser or digikey,
for example.

A…gave me graphics glitches and other issues.
B…I dont want to return it
C…I might try this
D…as it was the A500 version specified when buying and Denice
Adapter was part of the order i would have thought a shorter
Cable would have been supplied.
E…use a RGBtoHDMI adapter and Cool Duel monitor setup

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Sorry to revive an old thread, but after just receiving my zz9000 I am experiencing this very same issue. I do suspect that this is down to interference.

Everything else on the ZZ9000 seems to be working perfectly, but to have these issues when doing anything non-RTG (especially playing games) really lets the card down.

Is there a possibility of using a shielded ribbon cable to reduce interference?

@mntmn, I purchased the parts you listed above from digikey and it did not solve the issue. It made no diffence to the video output.

Do you have any other suggestions?