Speculation/Ideas about a RePhone

It’s MNT RePhone :slight_smile:

With the same tough design and open schematics. Modular and open as possible (yep, I know, there is no chance on free LTE module, but all other hardware…). I realise MNT team is very busy right now building and shipping all the laptops ordered by us, and they definetely will need a vacation after all.

But somewhere in a future :pleading_face:

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Not only that, but they are busy working on the Pocket Reform which I really can’t wait for. Beyond that the Linux phone is kind of a crowded market at the moment. Don’t you think?

Crowded? I know only Librem and PinePhone… Both are not what I actually want, besides PinePhone still cannot be shipped to Russia.

2 Linux phone companies in active development, with 4 phones between them. (Librem 5, PP, PP+, and PPP) Plus there are the Planet Computer products which can run Linux as well. Gemini and Cosmo are two of their product available now, and the Astro Slider just went into production and will start shipping soon. While it runs Android now, as with their other products they are promising that eventually it will be able to run Linux.

So yeah, today there are more Linux phones than ever before. It seems a bit crowded to me.

Plus out of all of them Purism is the only one actually developing the software to work on mobile. So lots of hardware, but not a lot of software work.

Creating a working cellphone is a massive amount of work, ESPECIALLY if you don’t want to use any of the already established code bases and firmwares. Then the takes becomes nearly impossible. This is why Purism is taking so very long to complete all of their Librem 5 goals.

Oh, yeah. I forgot about Gemini PDA, thanks. Good to see they are alive.

I don’t envy whoever tries to get an open firmware baseband processor approved by the FCC.

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