This Epic endevour

Hey Lukas (and co.),
we met yesterday at the event. You let me try the keyboard and I asked a very unclear/vague question at the very end of the official part of the event.

When I first came to know about you, and shortly later my close colleague Moe visited you guys and told me about it … I still had problems believing it is true… where is the catch? Of course it is not a match for a modern laptop in terms of performance and such things (not a problem at all for me, rather lot;s of great work to do, with lessons learned from the proprietary short-commings on the same path). you do so much of it yourself, and you know what you are doing. It is very important for the world, it is hard work, and especially now with the shortages, it is surely also a lot of hard, annoying, unsatisfying, nerve wracking, … work, time and worries you put into it as well.
You do this for all of us and the world at large; for many, many, that do not even know you exist, and if they knew, would not care, would not know you matter.
Seeing and trying your machine for a few seconds yesterday, only made my awe greater. It inspires a sense of mysticism and real epic-ness in me, and makes me feel like the best of the good old times of computing (bell labs era) had been touched up and sent to the present. I am proud and happy to be remotely part of this, however far part of it I may be.
To me, you are true heroes, and I salute you.
Thank you so much, and ride on!


It is unbelievable how good this project is. I have seen so many ambitious *nix projects over the last 20 years and they all failed. Even with backing by big corporations.

And here Lukas just puts out one upgrade after the other by himself, there is a healthy living community that contributes a lot. It’s just great.

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I am also around since 20 years already, and generally very critical.
This is a huge exception.

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