Unknown parts in the box?

Hello @all,

yesterday I received my MNT Reform Max.
In the very beautiful package I found a bag with Wifi Card, NVMe SDD and some parts incl. a small acrylic plate.
The screws in the bag looks like spare screws, ok, clear.

But what’s the acrylic plate and the acrylic shim for?
In the manual are no information about that.

P.S.: What’s the best place for the Wifi card antenna?

Many thanks in advance.



With the acrylic plate I was wondering too.

The small acrylic spacer is the same component you will find under the CPU cooler. It’s certainly a replacement if you lose one.

I mounted the Wifi antenna so that the black Molex lettering is on the Batterine. Not glued. But I am open to improvements :slight_smile:

Many thanks nils,

I mounted the antenna in the same way, first as provisional.

Could that acrylic plate the Acrylic Wifi antenna holder from the list of https://mntre.com/media/reform_md/mnt-reform2-diy-manual-r1.pdf ???

Thanks for the link and document. I did not know that at all. My notebook was kindly assembled for me. I just attached the plate as described, but did not glue the antenna. The plate wobbles around too much for my taste. It rattles :frowning:

Fixed! :grinning:
I placed the Acrylic plate on the right place, described in the DIY doc, and fixed it with thick double side tape to the mainboard. Now it’s fine.
And nothing rattles.
Many thanks!



Hi, sorry for that, the acrylic plate is the WiFi antenna holder, correct. It is currently only in the DIY manual and missing from the Operator Handbook. Glad you figured it out.

I have the DIY version and you can have a look at how to assemble the acrylic plate and antenna in my video here: https://youtu.be/_CMwIo3J-x8?t=2895


Thanks a bunch for that video, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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