Using the eMMC as main boot?

I was going through the system boot chapter in the operator handbook and found about the rescue system in the eMMC. So I decided to take it up for a spin and it occurred to me to use it as main booting source, this would allow me to free the SD slot but I guess rescuing might get trickier. I know I could just get an SSD drive and run my system there but if I understand correctly then I wouldn’t be able to have a dual monitor setup. So …

  • would it be a terrible idea to use this as the main booting system instead of the SD card? I know that the 15G could already be a limitation
  • How hard would it be to flash the eMMC in case I broke my system?
  • I guess there should not be any limitation from having the root system in the eMMC and the rest of my files on the NVMe right?


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I might be wrong, but I think dual Monitor setup was working with an ssd in use as well. Might check the news articles on the website, or crowd supply

Update: yes, the solution was mentioned in the last production update


@morl0ck thanks for pointing this out, I must have missed it. I guess that settles it for me then.


I use the eMMC (Kernel) + NVMe (encrypted) setup. It shouldn’t be a problem anymore :slight_smile: