ZZ9000 & WHDLoad?

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  • Amiga model:A4000D
  • 680x0 CPU:68060 rev 6
  • RAM Configuration:16mb fast 2mb chip (plusd the zz9000 ram)
  • Kickstart, AmigaOS Versions:3.2
  • ZZ9000 Firmware version:1.8
  • ZZ9000 Driver version:1.8
  • Monitor model:iyamma
  • Other Zorro cards:none

Hi, Now I’m pretty sure what I’m about to describe is a whdload fault and not the ZZ9000 card… but here goes: Latest edition ZZ9000 using P96 3.11 installed, and 1.8 drivers and firmware. If I install the network drivers with RoadShow, it all works, I can broswe the web etc. I can set the screen resolutions for WB no problem.

If I then install WHDload ( with required kickstarts ) and try to run say Turrican, It plays the music in the backround, but the screen is a greyish black with a red pointer frozen in place. If I try other games, it does the same.

If I try playing demos through whdload, the majority do much the same ( except nine fingers which works just fine ).

If I put the same demos & games as ADF and boot them directly from the gotek, they work ok.

If I create a basic 3.2 install with just the P96 & ZZ9000 gfx drivers, and whdload installed, I still get the same problems, so nothing to do with tcp/ip stack etc.
I selected 50mhz on installing the p96 drivers, and I can enter the boot selection menu using the 2 mouse buttons without a problem.

So how can I get the game/demo to play correctly via whdload? or is it something else I need to do? Sorry for the LONG post, but’s it’s been driving me mad for days now!



What happens if you don’t have P96 and the ZZ9000 drivers installed? Even better still, what happens when you don’t have a card installed?

Without the zz9000 drivers, i get bog standard screen modes.
Without P96, i also get bog standard screen modes.
And without the card? well then, i get bog standard screen modes but to my 1084s monitor!

If I run sysinfo with doesn’t do rtg, it just switches to normal amiga screen mode.

But does the WHDLoad situation change? I don’t expect WHDLoad games to suddenly turn RTG but I know there’s been some developments in P96 related to the ZZ9000 that might be affecting things.

Try disabling Roadshow. You can get Roadie from Aminet which gives a nice interface. I had all sorts of dramas with WHDLoad until I disabled Roadshow. The WHDLoad should do this for you in one of the config files (the name escapes me right now).

I have resorted to having 2 boot partions, one with no zz9000 drives installed, and the whdload games work…albeit in standard amiga modes (I was Not expecting them to suddenly run in RTG mode).

Just to be clear… I was NOT expecting the games to run in rtg mode. I was expecting the card to switch from rtg to standard screen mode, the same way it does for the like’s of sysinfo and on first boot, which does not run in rtg. I have worked around this by having 2 boot partions, 1 with all the ZZ9000 rtg drivers and TCP/IP stack setup. The other just standard WB install with whdload, the majority of which works.


please try the latest firmware and drivers 1.9.1 which fixes many bugs: ZZ9000 Firmware Release 1.9.1 · Amiga / zz9000-firmware · GitLab