ZZ9000AX Mixing Levels Register

ZZ9000/AX has a register for tuning Paula vs AHI input mixing levels. This is not yet exposed by the driver but might be useful for some people to adjust.

  1. Get your card address using ShowConfig. In the example below, this is $40000000. Replace the addresses with the correct one on your system.
  2. Use the tool Mon from Aminet: Aminet - dev/moni/mon165.lha
; select audio param 10
pokew 40000076 a

; set paula mix level to $40, ahi mix level to $50
pokew 40000078 4050

; deselect audio param
pokew 40000076 0

The ranges for both mixing levels are $00-$ff.

In the example above ( ; set paula mix level to $40, ahi mix level to $50 ) I think that description/comment has the sources reversed. For me, in that example, $40 was the AHI level and $50 was the Paula level.

If I’m using AHI playback (with no Paula audio playing) and I poke 40000078 ff00 AHI playback is nice and loud and clear no surprise there I guess.

Interestingly, if I poke 40000078 ffff AHI playback gets quieter and distorts really badly (still with no Paula audio playing). Is this expected? Actually poking anything greater than about $80 (e.g. ff90 or 80a0)causes noticable distortion in the AHI playback.

A4000D (AU/PAL), Rev11 Buster, ATX PSU
CyberStorm Mk2 60060@50MHz
CyberSCSI Mk2 with only a sd2scsi v6
2Mb Chip, 128Mb on CS Mk2, 256Mb on ZZ9000
Kickstart 3.2 / AmigaOS 3.2.1
Dell U2412M monitor
No other Zorro cards
ZZ9000 Firmware 1.11
ZZ9000 Driver 1.11