A bigger screen and transparent panels and Bezel?

Hi all, just backed the project but has some question.
Is there any bigger screen option on the market that can be use on pocket reform?
7 inches is kinda small for me.

Will there be any transparent panels and bezel update? I’m a big fan of transparent mnt reform keyboard.

Hi! Different screen options could be investigated if there’s enough demand. I know that a lot of research went into picking the current display and it may not be so easy just getting a larger replacement.

If you want transparent panels, I’d suggest finding a service or a friend who can cut acrylic for you. I know there’s Ponoko where you can upload files for them to make for you, but many makerspaces have laser cutters as well.


Thanks for the reply, Nice to hear this.
Where could I find the schematic for panels and bazel?

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