Allow more ram and change nvme stockage

hello everyone! so i would like to make some modifications on the mntre to make my little version, and in this purpose i have two small questions, already on the PCB, is it possible to add RAM to the pc especially with barrette or the SOM can’t support it? also is it possible to change the nvme output in SATA or at least add an adapter to make it compatible? thank you for your reading!

RAM is on SoM, it’s impossible to add it on the motherboard (there’s no memory controller). So to add more RAM you need to swap SoM.
SATA theoretically should be possible, it’s standard mPCIe and M.2 connector on the board, with 1 PCIe lane. So as long as you find mPCIe or M.2 mKey sata adapter utilizing 1 PCIe lane - it should work. Note USB lines are not connected so cheap adapters using USB lines wont work. Also would need to rebuild kernel to support new periphery.

Thank you for your message, it gives me more information on the subject. I’m going to start working on it and see what it does for the hard drive!