Any plans to allow purchase of standalone motherboard?

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Basically the title. I’ve been considering just getting some PCBs printed, buying components and making it myself as a bit of a project but wondering whether they might be made available on the website at some point?


I asked for you on IRC and it seems the motherboard is just sold out right now:

Thanks for asking. Might build it myself then was thinking of trying to do a modification or two to the board anyway.

What are you intending to change?

Nothing too crazy, I’d like to replace the USB hub with one that supports 3.1 since I think having 1 USB-C port on it would be handy. Plus I’d like to swap the power jack with USB-C power.

I would like to get more ambitious but not too keen on having to drastically modify the layout so only small swaps and additions.


For USB charging there are USB C trigger boards available on Aliexpress, eg. 0.47€ |Typ C PD decoy modul PD 23,0 zu DC DC trigger verlängerung kabel QC4 ladegerät 9V 12V 15V 20V PDC004 PD|Integrierte Schaltkreise| - AliExpress With some 3D printed holder it could be adapted to look more like this 1.6€ 25% OFF|Neueste externe 2 Ports USB Hinten Panel Halterung Motherboard Kabel USB 2.0 Stecker Kabel Adapter Computer Zubehör|Computerkabel & Stecker| - AliExpress and bolted to the side cover. If the board is small enough to fit into some free space on the side cover that would be pretty easy modification.

Full USB C with data, on the other hand, is difficult to get right.

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