Any update of mnt pocket reform?

I order one of this during crowdfunding face, after the crowdfunding campaign ended there are no more update about the project or production process.

I recently know about some shenanigan happen in purism and their liberm phone and I know mnt research has very good track records, but I still hope folks on mnt research could keep us update of any progress and difficulties that happen during the production face.

Thank you, Ichika.

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Don’t worry. MNT is an entirely different company with no track record of anything to cause alarm.

I just asked Lukas (minute) on IRC about the Pocket yesterday. Apparently the biggest bad news is that the imx8 plus SoCs have a 24 week lead time. However, as there is nothing they can do about this, they are not sitting idly by passing the time.

They have been making improves to the chassis for weight savings and working on other things while they have the time. In general the prototypes they have around are working well and the product is going to be awesome.

I can’t wait!

I think that is putting it lightly. The sad things is that the issues they were having are things that are real. If they would have just been honest from up front, and explained why refunds were not possible, none of this would have been the nasty stain on their reputation. The sad thing is that the Librem 5 is actually pretty good. I have one. They have made a lot of progress on it.

The management there though is terrible. I feel really bad for all the developers who are doing the real work and deserve to be praised.


I received this from MNT as I am subscribed to their website newsletter.

you can subscribe too, or just check News—MNT Research GmbH from time to time.



we are currently quite intensively working on the finalized aluminum chassis design that reduces the weight of the device, and I’ve started working on power analysis/saving again. Also in one or two weeks I will start on the final motherboard design incorporating some bug fixes from the beta units.


Sorry for the late reply, my kid got fever and it has been a busy week.

Thanks for the update, seem like the project is going very smoothly.

I have some questions about Kintex-7 FPGA Processor Module, will it work on pocket reform at launch? and will there be enough space for RGB to eDP Adapter?

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Update: I found the compatibility document here Modularity—MNT Research GmbH

What kind of “no shipment expected before” time are we talking about with, “the imx8 plus SoCs have a 24 week lead time.”? Early February 2024 assuming they were ordered 4 August 2023?

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