Background noise/static noise with ZZ9000AX on A4000TX

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- Amiga model: A4000TX
- 680x0 CPU: 060
- RAM Configuration: 2mb chip/128 fast (BFG)/256 fast (ZZ9000)
- Kickstart, AmigaOS Versions: 3.1.4/3.2
- Other Zorro cards: ZZ9000

Hello, I have an A4000TX that I am running ZZ9000 in. The graphics card is working perfectly. I have failed to get the ZZ9000AX working fine and I have reached the end of the road, so I need to ask for some help here.

I can confirm that the ZZ9000AX works, it plays MP3s. But I have a problem with loud ringing background noise and loud static noise from the ZZ9000AX. The noise is irritatingly loud and starts right away when I start the computer (before even when Kickstart screen or HDD has started to load). This makes me believe it is not a software problem.

I have two A4000TX and can confirm that the problem is the same on both of them.

I have tripplechecked wires - And it is correct.

I have also tried running the ZZ9000AX with the three wire cable to the Paula disconnected. This gave me perfect clarity when playing MP3s on the left channel while the right channel kept its loud background noise/static noise.

I would appreciate anysuggestions on what to look for!

-Should I reinstall firmware on the ZZ9000AX?
-Anyone else running ZZ9000/ZZ9000AX on the A4000TX, do you have the same problems?

Hi, I’m sorry for this bad experience. Are you located in Europe? We would like to get the card back from you and inspect/exchange free of charge. Please contact with your order number.

Thank you, sending email today :slight_smile: