Battery drain issues/questions

Hi !
I got my pocket reform 2 weeks ago. It’s a great small laptop but still learning how to use it.

There is battery issue though that bothers me.
In off mode, the battery loses 50% in evening (around 7hours).

If I turn off the power standby switch, drain is lower but for me still non-negligeable.

Any workaround or fix for that?
What is the purpose of the power standby switch? I can’t imagine myself carrying a pin everywhere just to conserve a little more of battery life.

Thanks for any suggestions on what to look at, check or correct usage.



From what I can tell, the firmware on the two microcontrollers could use some improvement with regard to standby power. I posted a patch here Reprogramming the Pocket Keyboard - #3 by wdouglass that should reduce power draw from the keyboard when its off (seems to help a little bit, but could be placebo)