Battery drainage

Hi all,

I don’t use my MNT Reform that frequent. Usually once a week to just update it and then on some time just play around with it. Due to that mine is mostly turned off. But recently I’ve noticed that the batteries are all drained when I try and start it and I need to plug in the charger to get it back to life.

I did a trace of the battery status for two weeks, but of course I forgot to take measures the last week and now it is dead again:

2024-01-16 83%
2024-01-18 80%
2024-01-19 80%
2024-01-20 74% - started it and updated the OS
2024-01-27 ??? - dead

Luckily I got the protected battery board so it cuts the power before my batteries are damaged. I tested to flash the lpc with the latest firmware. Not sure it stick though as checking the system info in the oled menu says R2 20230703 (but that could be the firmware for the keyboard or something else).

Any idea what could be the issue? I do Circle 0 every time to power it off after I’ve checked the battery status.


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With those measurements missing it’s hard to say.

Are you sure you have the latest LPC firmware? I upgraded mine last week and status (circle+s) shows:

fuLL:14727 mAh: 430:2000:2000 up: 255428
MREF2LPCR320231124 d
R2 20230703

I assume 20231124 is motherboard/LPC release, while 20230703 might be keyboard: I do not remember exactly when I flashed it.

Yeah, I’ll see if I can do another round of measurements. This time not forget to do that for a week :sweat_smile:

Not entirely sure, I did flash it twice. But the status on the oled screen confuses me. @minute do you know what that date stands for? Is it the LPC firmware or keyboard? I couldn’t find anything about it in the handbook and I haven’t checked the source code.

I’ve analyzed source code. The lowest date (at the bottom of OLED, R2 20230703 in my example above) is keyboard FW revision. The date in line above (so 20231124 in the same example) is LPC version.


Thank you for digging into the source and double checking. My firmware for the lpc was 20231124 and keyboard 20230723.
I updated both to commit aab54cc so that the status now displays 20231124 for both. That seems to have fixed the battery draining issue!

I updated them on Mar 02, updated the machine and waited until it was fully charged. Then I just used Cricle b to check the battery and then Circle 0 to power it off. The battery stayed at 100% for the whole week. On Saturday, Mar 09 I booted it up and updated the machine. The battery was on 92% after I’d updated it. I’ve been checking up until today and the battery is still showing 92%. So by that I would say there was a bug in either the keyboard firmware or lpc that didn’t properly put it in the right state when you turned it off.