Brave Finally available on ARM64

Brave is finally available for ARM64. Currently it is in testing and only available in a nightly build. So far I’ve been running it on my Librem 5 and am getting ready to install it here.

Here is a link:

You have to look for the releases with a lot of assets. The one I found had 90, for example. There you can find the deb for arm64.



Anybody else running this on their Reform? Are you noticing any stability issues? I am noticing that it is super solid on the Reform but not as much on the L5 using phosh.

In general I use Brave because of the much shrunken memory foot print it requires, particularly when loading sites, and for this reason I was keen on getting it on the Reform.

I’m hoping that they transition to a stable build complete with repo support soonish.

I’m currently trying to install Brave to have a backup for Firefox. Looking through their last few releases, it looks like the aarch64 builds are only being packaged as rpms. Have they stopped releasing aarch64 deb packages?

Edit: looks like they’re being packaged as arm64, not aarch64.

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I’m not sure they ever had aarch64 but arm64 for sure. I have been getting regular updates from it. The latest is here:

Is there a difference? I was under the impression that the 64-bit ARM architecture was abbreviated arm64 and aarch64 interchangeably.

As far as I can tell I think that is right. arm64 just makes more sense to me.

As far as linux distro architectures are concerned, aarch64 and arm64 refer to the same thing.

The difference in naming the same thing comes from GNU/gcc choosing the triplet aarch64-linux-gnu as the name for the ISA while linux chose to use the architecture name arm64. As a result, some distros call it aarch64 and others (like Debian) call it arm64.

The main reason why many chose to name the arch arm64 instead of aarch64 seems to be that “the name aarch64 sucks and everybody is going to call it arm64 anyways”: