Building reform: a couple of questions

So I’m most of the way through building the reform and a couple of things have come up.

Step 19 of the instructions say I should mount the side panels and remember to remove the film from both sides; I seem to have two plastic side panels but they don’t appear to have any film on them.

switching keys around for my UK layout, I’m left with a hash/tilde key that usually goes to the left of the enter key on the A row (to the right of the @ key, which itself is to the right of the ; key) and I’ve no idea what the … key to the left of the A row is. Am I right in thinking that the \ | key on the right side of the Q row should replace the … key (on a UK keyboard |\ is at the left end of the Z row) and the #~ key then replaces the | key?

Don’t worry about the film…I don’t think even my earlier DIY kit had film on the side panels!

Take a look at the layouts on the standalone kb page here: MNT Reform USB Keyboard - MNT Research Shop

The key is intended as the Compose key and normally mapped as Menu.

More info: Compose key - Wikipedia