Change keyboard

yes, it’s me again! i just have a small question related to the keyboard. indeed, i would like to know if the connection cable between the base keyboard and the motherboard was standard or if it was unique. and if it is unique, is it possible to transform a mechanical keyboard into a membrane keyboard and what modification would be necessary?
thank you very much.

Start from here to understand general layout. Yo may note here the keyboard is a bit more than simple input device, it also provides interface to LPC controller, and therefore has Serial interface (LPC IO) and OLED as an LPC output device. Otherwise it connects to standard USB interface (electric wise) via JST-PH (mechanical-wise) cables, for both serial and usb lines.
Just look at handbook and GIT repo for more info.

ah okay thanks to you that helps me a lot, so while I’m at it there is still one question that intrigues me. is there a difference between a mechanical keyboard PCB and a membrane keyboard PCB?