Circle-R reset not working with A311D?

Not much of a limitation for me, but cpu reset does nothing. I found this link

about this, and a fix, in early shipped units (oct2023); is this my board’s issue? No action needed, power off then on works fine.

The A311D has resolved so many issues for me I’m more than happy with the machine.

I’m a bit confused about what the problem is you are facing. The subject of your post mentions that circle-r reset is not working but the other post you quote is about pcie reset.

Oops you’re correct. Ignore the quoted post…

Circle-R (“cpu reset”?) does nothing on my Reform after installing the A311D processor.

I can confirm this behaviour on my own A311D Reform. Pressing Circle-R reset does nothing.

@minute is this something we have missed in the documentation?

Hmmm maybe more to this… while arguing with CUPS, I rebooted the machine (shutdown -r now) and wifi/WLAN would not come up. Everything present, just wouldn’t talk…

I did shutdown -h, then Circle-0 then -1. Rebooted, and WLAN worked right off.