Compatability with an ACA500plus


I was wondering whether I would be able to use this card in an A500+ with an ACA500plus?

I understand that the ACA500plus takes 6MB of the 8MB Zorro Bus, would there be enough remaining for a ZZ9000 to run?



Hi Steve, I use the ACA500Plus myself to test ZZ9000 with Amiga 500, in combination with the Z-500 Zorro adapter. It works well, even with a Blizzard 1230-IV. We have a version of the ZZ9000 firmware that uses only 2MB.

Thank you so much for confirming this, now I have to start thinking about how to fund this expensive habit known as Amiga enthusiast syndrome!


@mntmn out of interest, what kind of resolutions and colours are available when using alongside an ACA500Plus? Also how does having an A1200 accelerator affect things?

You need an A1200 accelerator to use RTG, yes, because P96 needs at least an 68020 to work. I personally tested with a Blizzard 1230/IV. The resolutions depend on available Fast RAM, you can go up to 1920x1080 at 16 bit.


I’ve just seen this product: ZZ9000AX Amiga Audio Expansion - MNT Research Shop

Does this also work with an Amiga 500+ and what would be the benefits to having it installed?


It would technically work but there’s no tested solution yet to capture the native Paula audio on the A500.

In that case, I’ll hold out until more compatibility is announced.

On a further note @mntmn, how do I know which shipping batch my order id in?


I second that request to know or confirm my order number batch, as all I’ve got are these screen shots which indicate for PayPal and VISA billing rules that my order is in batch 7, but like you, I’d really rather have that confirmed or denied.




there is a bit of fuzziness between batch 7 and 8 because we try to fulfill as many orders as possible from existing parts and also from cancelled preorders, but generally I would expect June orders to ship around Oct/Nov 2021.

Hi, so the delays are pretty clearly going to slide past PayPal’s 180 day purchase protection and terms of service.
I understand the global supply issues, as I work for a rather large chip fab… So, I fully understand you’re not able to do anything to affect the supply.
However, six months is PayPal’s limit unless you can get an exemption, or we need to do some sort of cancel, and restart.
Let me know how you plan to best handle this.

Thank you,

If you cancel later, we will refund manually on your request. If you don’t trust that we will ship, you can cancel now. That’s your decision.

The current ETA for the batch of 100 ZYNQ modules we put in (and paid 50% for) several months ago is now December per the manufacturer. That is the current bottleneck.

Hey @mntmn,

Did the ZYNQ modules arrive from the manufacturer and can we be expecting the ZZ9000’s soon?