Congratulations on the crowdfunding


I’m getting such good vibes from the MNT reform! I’ve been watching the project since it was just posted as an idea on a website, and I’m really happy to see the project finally coming to fruition.

I haven’t ordered one, mainly because I’m fully stocked on the laptop side of things now. I have a Purism Librem 13, which I’m not very happy about, but it’s powerful, shiny, and works (well, the third one they shipped me worked :stuck_out_tongue: ). My main concern with the MNT would be its bulkiness, otherwise I think I would have gotten one anyways. :slight_smile:

Anyways, just a bunch of kudos from someone who’s been evaluating and working on laptops for a long time. You have a really precious, long term project that is absolutely brilliant. Just keep going, there’s an absolutely great place for you in the history of computing. I just hope people realize it and give it the place it deserves.


Thanks for the good word, I hope you will spread it!