Connecting in the distant future

Anticipating the eventual arrival of an MNT Pocket Reform device I am thinking out loud here regarding some connectivity issues.

My last two printers here in the United States were HPs. A male type B USB connector plugged into the printer and a male type A USB connector plugged into the computer.

A male type A will not work in the Pocket Reform. Luckily there are cables with male type Bs on one end and male type Cs on the other end. I am assuming they will work.

Also in existence are type A to type C adapters that should do the trick.

I am in possession of a Pine Phone docking bar. It has a type C male and female As. It may work too, but who knows.

Comments from people in possession of Pocket Reform prototypes would sure be welcome. Please share your experiences.

Lesser Wizard

I can’t really speak for the pocket reform specifically, but i do know quite a bit about USB – As long as mnt will stick to the standard (which i assume they will), all of the cables and adapters you describe should work – the only caveat is the ‘charge through’ feature of the pine docking bar. I’d be interested to see if it will actually charge the pocket reform – there’s a lot of alternate ways to implement usb charging, and they aren’t all compatible.