Controlling OLED Display

Are there libraries in the Reform system image for controlling the OLED display? If so, where would they be located?

There are no libraries yet, you can talk to the display via the keyboard’s HID raw interface:

echo "xOLEDhello world" >/dev/hidraw0

Instead of “hello world” you should write 5x22 characters to the display to cover the whole screen.

You can also invert a row (for menu like things):

echo xOINV0 >/dev/hidraw0

Where valid numbers are 0-4, or 5 for turning the inversion off.

You can also set the backlight brightness via this interface:

echo xLITE0 >/dev/hidraw0

Where the number is the brightness level from 0-9.

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Thanks! I can get the first command to show text, which is cool. The other two don’t seem to have any effect however.

At the moment is there any available interface for pixel-level read/write access? I tried to look through the keyboard firmware code but couldn’t make much of it on first blush

No, there is no pixel-level control yet.