Dead link for system images?

The link gave me 404 error.
Where can I download prebuilt images?

You can get the images as an artifact of a job here

I would get the latest build in the main branch that has an file

Many thanks, but where are the images for Pocket Reform? Mine is arriving today.

Here specifically is the index of all the images that were most recently built. Download the Pocket Reform image for iMX8MP for your system.

Just to make you aware Pocket Reform is be pre-flashed and should work out of the box. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

That link, until around mid-April, used to be a redirect to

So it would always point to the latest successful CI artifacts from the job called build in the branch called main. Or would it? I found out that gitlab seems to just check the top commit of the main branch and if another branch contains the commit but its CI results are newer, it would just take those results instead. Now you wonder: but the commit is the same, so the CI results should be the same, no? No, because the system image job on gitlab has parameters telling it from which distro (unstable, testing, stable) or from which branch of the reform-debian-packages CI job to pull packages from. So with the original setup (which was only changed a few months ago) it could happen that the link would serve a system image built for a wildly different purpose.

To prevent this from happening, this was changed to instead redirect to a known-good gitlab CI job ID. But, for this to work long-term, @minute also has to click the button on the right-hand side of the job overview “Job artifacts” → “Keep”. If that is not clicked, the artifacts auto-expire after a while and get deleted.

This is a known issue and was already reported before: Operating System on NVMe (without SD Card) - #49 by tomicdesu

I think a better long-term solution might be to add git tags or releases to the reform-system-image repo and then let link to the latest tag/release instead.

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