Debian wiki entry

It may be beneficial to create and maintain a page for the Reform (and eventually any MNT device in general) on the Debian wiki. It could describe how to install Debian in the most mainline way possible, where to access existing Debian installation images, and other resources.

I had previously expounded upon the Debian installation process for the TERES-I from Olimex. This process describes how to create a minimal bootable image and install Debian using the standard TUI installer. If this walkthrough is satisfactory, we could use it as a template to describe a similar process for the Reform.

Would anyone like to collaborate with me on this?


This definitely has my blessing, but it would make a lot more sense if we didn’t need to ship a newer/patched version of mesa. We should check when a new enough version of mesa will be included in Debian (even if in experimental, for example).