Did the steel port cover ever get trimmed?

I’m considering getting the steel port covers for my Reform, but from what I remember there were reports that the SD card side cover was slightly too tall:

I thought there was another post that said it was about a millimeter too tall, but can’t find that one now. Has this been fixed since then?

I just asked MNT on the IRC channel about this. They said that there hasn’t been a change in the current stock, but in the new stock there will be.

Fortunately, the slightly too large side does not prevent everything from working, and the bottom from properly attaching.

I do not observe any such problem. The side panels are nicely aligned with the housing for me. This may come down to some variability in manufacturing of the side panels and the housing as well as variability in how the parts are put together.

Part of the “too tall” problem is that the corners aren’t radiused to fit the milled recess in the aluminum chassis. (Take a very close look with a bright light and you’ll see what i mean.)

I filed mine to be round before assembly and it fits a bit better, but the bottom still interferes with the acrylic panel just a bit.

I was going to try and fix the CAD drawings and send a patch but they’re SVG and I just can’t wrap my brain around how to use Inkscape. :crazy_face:

Then obviously you have the choice to mount them to fit vertically and stick out to the side, or stick out to the bottom.

I have no idea what you mean by this…


Not sure this is relevant, because the ports that the covers are covering are the material items here. You will need to put the steel covers on in whatever way lines up with those port openings.

I might be misunderstanding you though.

It’s not like the ports are particularly precisely aligned, on this side they do not go through the cover, they are behind it.

That said, the cover is a fraction of a millimeter taller than the cutout in the housing in one corner.

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For what it’s worth, I received my steel port covers this week and have no issues with the SD slot or any of the other ports. Edit: And if there is some small interference with the acrylic cover, I didn’t notice it.

That’s interesting. Your chassis has a cut out of the corner to accommodate the corner of the cover. Mine didn’t, which is why I filed the corners down.