DisplayPort Alt-Mode possible in future Pocket Reform motherboard revisions?

I know the Pocket Reform as initially shipped won’t have support for DisplayPort Alt-Mode. But I’m wondering, is it conceivably possible for a future motherboard revision or a remixed board to support it, or are there any hardware limitations that rule it out?

I can see on the schematic that there are pins on the SoM for HDMI but not (I think?) DisplayPort for example - is that a barrier to supporting it on a Reform motherboard or could e.g. a converter be used on the board?

(I know implementing this reliably is probably very difficult, I’ve had several devices with USB-C ports that have had compatibility issues with various docks. But it can also be very nice when it works, and would be super convenient on such a portable device.)


I suspected that DP alt-mode won’t be supported, it would be cool to get as an upgrade someday – Even without a display, can a dock charge the pocket reform? A “plug in 2 cables when at home” workflow is better then 3…

@minute posted a while ago that they are evaluating the RK3588 for the Reform next.
The spec sheet says on page 13 that it

Support USB Type-C and DP Alt mode

I have no clue what needs to be done on the hardware side to wire this up.

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That’s a good point, probably! The Pocket Reform does have the advantage of having a micro-HDMI port, so as long as keyboard/ mouse/power can still go through the dock that is only two cables to dock, which isn’t bad.