DIY assembly video


I received my Reform yesterday and thought it would be nice to share the assembly as a video for anybody who’s interested: MNT Reform #000001 DIY assembly - YouTube



Thank you for sharing! This will let me obsessively prepare for when my kit arrives here in the US :slight_smile:

Oh I have to know what this cute guy’s name is!! What an adorable idea to put your catcam in the corner of the stream :heart_eyes_cat:Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 11.18.38

Haha! He’s called Schnoppo and I put him in as I borrowed his Twitch channel for the assembly livestream :sweat_smile::

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Thanks, that may prove useful once my kit arrives! However, one and a half hours worry me a bit given that I find the task already somewhat daunting, not having any experience with hardware (well, I tried to change the screen of my mobile phone a few times already, but every time I end up breaking something else…).

Don’t worry, it is much easier than repairing a phone.