DIY Reform kit no longer sold?


I was wondering when the DIY kit might be back? I noticed you can only buy the pre-assembled unit.


we don’t sell it anymore but Crowd Supply still has around 10 DIY kits in stock.

Wait… so our Reform 2 DIY kits are now actually special limited edition Reforms that only a few lucky souls can call their own because it will never be sold again?

And yes, my partner finally convinced me of the perfect spot for my sticker about 3 years of owning it. :grin:

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Better than where I put mine! Right on the bottom, on the outside of the acrylic. Almost all the text is worn off now!

Well, you bought an open-hardware laptop, no? Clearly the source files for the stick can be found somewhere so that you can print your own sticker. :grin:

@minute do you have the sticker files in git somewhere?

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Bummer, I didn’t even put my sticker anywhere, and I have no idea where it is now. Still I got one of the DIYs and it has been great, thanks in large part to the awesome support of MNT and the community here and on IRC.