Does the Banana Pi CM4 module work for Pocket?

Just purchased an “MNT Reform CM4 Adapter with Banana Pi CM4 (Amlogic A311D)” from CrowdSupply for my Pocket Reform.
I assume that this module works for the Pocket.
Did I purchased the wrong thing?
If not, is there some documentation for install this module on the pocket.

This table says “Yes (in development)”: Modularity—MNT Research GmbH

From the software side, we merged things like this, so it seems the support is tested and should work: a311d pocket: fix sound, add lpc spi node (!44) · Merge requests · Reform / reform-debian-packages · GitLab

And in IRC Lukas said a week ago:

ok… but i’m happy to report that a311d will be nicely usable in pocket once we have builds again :smiley:

Thanks for the reply, but I was asking more about the hardware instruction, i.e. how to fit the module into Pocket.

I suspect that once the module swap process is “fully baked” there will be some new documentation telling us how to do it. I am hoping to do the same thing eventually, once my RK3588 module comes in I will be swapping the A311D from my current Reform into my Pocket.

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Yes, the module fits and works in Pocket Reform. I have sidegraded my personal Pocket Reform to the RCM4 with BPi/A311D and recently made sure that all features work. I can later post a picture here of how it is installed.


Here is my setup of RCM4/BPi/A311D in MNT Pocket Reform:

  • note that the heat transfer pad is moved to a slightly different position, it goes on the main processor (labelled Amlogic A311D)
  • MIPI-DSI flat cable is connected to the usual wider connector
  • WiFi antenna goes to the connector next to the “V1.0” but ideally one could upgrade to a dual antenna
  • For initial set up, download, extract and flash a system image named pocket-reform-system-a311d.img.gz to MicroSD card (or ideally, give bmaptool copy the “Download” link of the image) and boot from there:


Is it possible to use a NVMe drive with this module in Pocket Reform? The supplied adapter doesn’t fit.

Yes, it should work directly in the NVMe slot.

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