Error creating Encrypted SSD / Migrating

This issue should’ve been fixed by these changes:

Your log looks like it is waiting for you to enter the luks passphrase but the passphrase prompt is shown on your blank display (so you cannot see it).

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Thank you for testing! I don’t know the reason yet, but can you try entering your decryption password after a while of waiting at the black screen? I had this once when testing (yesterday I think) and the display then came on a bit after entering the password. It could be that the brightness is initially 0, for example.

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Indeed, it works if I enter the passphrase with the black screen, thanks! :slight_smile: But it also shows the password prompt during the boot after migration as expected, any ideas why?

Also, how could I switch the display on before the disk is decrypted?

Yes, same here. My the device is shut down, there is no prompt and just a black screen. Typing the password works.
When I just reboot the prompt shows.

But I can now use my nvme, which is fine :slight_smile:


In case you missed it, Lukas merged reform-tools 1.44 (!72) · Merge requests · Reform / MNT Reform Tools · GitLab and reform-tools 1.44 is now in the MNT repos: Index of /reform-debian-repo/pool/main/r/reform-tools/