European supplier of O-rings for keyswitches?

I’m something of a heretic in this community: I’d like quieter keys with a shorter keystroke. As I understand it, the canonical solution is to fit O-rings to the key stems.

I can order them via Amazon, but all the suppliers I’ve found so far are in either China or the USA, and I’d prefer they had a shorter path to Spain. My search-fu has not been strong enough to find a local(ish) supplier, so my question is: does anybody know of a supplier of aftermarket keyboard parts within the EU?

Caseking sells these:

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Thanks a million. I’ll order those as soon as they’re back in stock.

Just be careful that you don’t get rings too thick, so as to not let the key depress far enough to bridge the switch.

The key travel on the low profile switches are already reduced. Normally such a caution wouldn’t be necessary, but since these are already low profile switches, maybe just make sure you get rings specific to choc switches.

The rings above, for example, are for Cherry MX compatible switches.

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In addition to o-rings you can also tape and lube your switches.There’s a very good guide on YouTube to give you an overview of all of your options:

At the end of this video you can hear all of the different combinations as well.