Expected battery life for Pocket Reform?

I realize it depends heavily on usage and what is running, but assuming modest frugality, running a few terminals and maybe Firefox with non-video pages open (email), no USB drives etc, is there a loose estimate of battery life?

It will be using the same SOCs as the Reform itself. Considering that the combined mah of the Reform is 14,400 or 16,000 and nets the Reform about 4 hours of continuous use, then the 8,000 or 10,000 (I can’t remember exactly) will get you about half of that run time, so 2 hours.

All just rough estimates, etc. mainboard changes on the pocket could handle USB power and charging very differently to either improve things or not. Also the display being smaller will have a lower power draw, etc.

i don’t think you math holds. The display on the Reform (12.5") is quite a bit larger compared to the Pocket (7"). Those 12.5" result in about 3.2 larger screen area and those screens are quite the energy consumer…
I would expect the runtime of the Pocket to be about the same or even better than the normal Reform.
But I guess we need to wait for the final release and the first iterations of optimisation to get accurate numbers.

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Was thinking the same thing actually. Not just the screen being smaller though, but also, the pocket mnt reform device supposedly lasted 4 hours unoptimized. It might actually be even more when it is optimized. I am hoping for double if something like auto-cpufreq, tlp or laptop-mode-tools is used.

And if the brightness is set down, possibly even better still.

I probably will set mine down to a healthy level like 60 or higher.

I imagine that would also increase it too.

I would be very surprised if the screen power difference would make that big of a difference. The amount of battery storage being used on the Pocket is less than half that used on the Reform. Considering that SBC being used in each model are the same, and by design, it would mean that to see such drastic power differences on such a smaller battery that there would be massive mainboard difference, etc.

Time will tell, but I am very doubtful that the Pocket Reform will last for 4 hours. My normal Reform with 2000mah batteries does not last that long.

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Oh? With the a311d i get a little under 4:45 hours while playing a youtube video in firefox in full screen and 5 hours in normal use (screen turned on with full brightness):

I don’t doubt that you do. I just mean for my workload and how I use the device, I have never gotten anywhere close to over 4 hours. I would say 3:45 has been the absolute best, and that is with the brightness set to the second to lowest level.

No point in arguing about it here of course, because time will tell.

I of course hope that I am wrong!

That’s fair, your usage is probably going to be different than ours.

So that makes sense.